The loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time for family members left behind. The high costs of arranging a funeral can add financial stress. Let us take care of your funeral needs so you and your family can focus on what matters most.

Ensure a dignified funeral for you and your loved ones with the Tontozo Family Funeral Scheme by ZAMBIA'S FIRST Funeral Home Ambassador St. Ann’s


  1. Tontozo Covers Your Family And Dependants.
  2. Tontozo gives CASH + SERVICE within few hours.
  3. You are our Family, Hence FIRST PRIORITY at Ambassador St. Ann’s.
  4. TRUST – Tontozo is a product of Ambassador St. Ann’s and Uniturtle.
  5. INSTANT Body Removal to our MODERN Mortuary.
  6. St. Ann’s, Uniturtle design HEARSES, CASKETS and TOMBSTONES for A DIGNIFIED SERVICE.
  7. We are in all 10 PROVINCES of Zambia.
  8. EASY, SAFE & QUICK to pay through AIRTEL & MTN MoMo.
  9. Easy Claim Process.
  10. Cash Back Benefit.

How Tontozo Work

When does benefit start ?


Complete the application process


Pay your first premium


6 months waiting period starts


At the end of the waiting period, benefit for death due to natural events starts.

Benefit for accidental death starts immediately.

How to pay each month

  1. Safest and quickest way to pay IS by Airtel Money & MTN Mobile Money
  2. Payroll
  3. Cash Payment at depot or Agent
  4. Companies pay by Cheque

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